Wooden Toys

Kikadu wooden toys are durable, natural and especially suitable for children.

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Durable wooden toys are a definite advantage in your little one’s early years. Not only do they have a wonderful feel, they are also part of our continued effort towards sustainability and concern for safe toys and the certainty of providing only the best for our children.


Wood is a natural, renewable resource. It is easy to work with, robust and resilient. Toys made from wood are much more durable than plastic toys, they never go out of style and are pedagogically sound.


Lovingly assembled by hand, we at kikadu have a partner of many years, that provides us with sustainably manufactured wooden toys, finished to match our beautiful, children’s room décor.


We at kikadu trust the long-standing tradition and experience of Selecta and let our different wooden toy grips and the rollable sorting box produced exclusively by this partner. Selecta manufactures in Germany with wood from sustainably-managed forests – and for more than 47 years. You can find more information about Selecta quality here:  http://www.selecta-spielzeug.de/index.php/selecta/qualitaet