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Kikadu - truly organic. The little star series with a petite star swatch. Sustainable layette that works in harmony with mankind and nature.

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The most beautiful thing on earth

What is the most beautiful thing on earth? Exactly – it’s the unique smile of your baby. We at kikadu live for the future of our children and put a great emphasis on sustainability and transparency with our collections.

With our little star series, we have developed a very special design that is suited for boys and girls alike. The copper-coloured and grey stars resemble a starry sky and are printed on the finest organic cotton. Bright, warm colours in light grey, copper, white and dark grey harmonize perfectly with each other.

Sleep time!

For the little crib, we have designed beautiful accessories here in Germany. The fine sheets, a flexible little nest,
spitting cloths, Baby bandanas and bibs are all kept in a matching design.

We also offer a sleeping bag (also available as a light summer sack) that can be used in a baby stroller.

Perfect furnishing for your baby

At home, the compact Utensilo Box or the Toy Bag help you to store our natural rubber star  or other items. We also offer a little star for squeezing and cuddling that comes in our beautiful star or stripe prints or in silver.

What makes the little star series stand out are the maternity log cover and the soother strap that top off the complete series.

In addition to the play blanket,, the Bbaby nest, a small changing pad  and two different girlandsfurther accessories are waiting for you. The activity arch , woollen rug and mobile with wool pompons are perfect additions to the children´s room furnishing.

For our kids´ sustainable future

Filling materials have been completely recycled. Organic cotton and natural rubber underline our commitment to sustainability.

Feine Bezüge von kikadu

For the bed

To sleep only the best.

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Unser Stern aus Naturkautschuk - kikadu truly organic

Discover and Play

Safety with kikadu toys.

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Mutterpass und Utensilio Box von kikadu

Matching accessoires

Maternity log cover, box, toy bag...

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Impressions of our Little star series